Giveaway of 12 Powerful
Personal Development Books
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1st Place:  Seven Hardback Books

  •  Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis
  •  Abundance Now, by Lisa Nichols
  •  You Are a Bad Ass, by Jen Sincero
  •  The 5 Second Rule, by Mel Robbins
  •  Becoming Supernatural, by Joe Dispenza
  •  The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg
  •  Essentialism, by Greg McKeown
2nd Place:  Three Hardback Books

  •   Principles by Ray Dalio
  •  The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
  •  Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
3rd Place:  Two Hardback Books

  •   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  •  The 5 Love Language by Gary Chapman
4th Place:  One $25 Amazon Gift Card

Most people feel deeply within that they are capable of so much more.
If this is you, let's unlock your potential.

Let's get you reading some powerful works!
The world is waiting for you to transform into the person you wish to be!

Do you realize how close you are to accomplishing your goals?

Is there an inner voice that tells you to go for it, but something holds you back?

Are you ready to transform your life, executing your goals and growing into the person who you see in your mind?

What 3 things do people desire?

In life, despite your culture, race, upbringing or age, there are 
3 common things that people seek improvement in: 

Personal development including your physical and mental health
Social development including your relationships
Financial development with enhancing your income or business

What is the shift that you need to make?

No matter which area you wish to focus on, I have 
the answers for you and they are closer than you realize 

It requires just a small shift and once you make it, 
doors of opportunity will open for you. 

This small shift is your learning to know what you don't know!

Reading tons of books on self help and personal development have 
provided me with the opportunity to take the best of what they 
offer and incorporate them into achieving my personal success 
in my personal life, family and business.

Thus, this book giveaway represents the best of the best!

Top authors who have that experience of success and 
having the blueprint for getting the job done!

Understanding the authors who provide maximum value.

But this is far more than a one and done book contest.  

Not only will you have the opportunity to 
receive these amazing works, I plan to do much more.

Taking my experience with reading previous books 
and incorporating strategies for success, I plan to provide 
this value to you for free in the upcoming weeks.  

They will be videos and articles, including my works 
and those of other top business people, entrepreneurs, 
life coaches and those who strive to make a difference in other people's lives.

In excited to give you this value for free!

Click the button below to sign up for the contest and thank you, 
not only for the time to took today to invest in reading this page, 
but more importantly, 
taking the time to invest in you!

You are worth it!

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